The Ionia Chapter of Mu Sigma Upsilon

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About the Ionia Chater

The Ionia Chapter of Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority Incorporated was founded at East Stroudburg University. The foundation was established in the Spring of 2009 by three ambitious women Nicole DeLuca, Gianna Morris, and Melissa Brewington. Their presence on the campus led to what seemed to be a revival in Greek Life amongst the undergraduate students on the campus. The founders of the Ionia Chapter led the way for organizations looking to break ground and/or revive chapters of other walks of life onto the campus.

Over the next five years the chapter would grow to a total 14 members with a gradution rate of 100%. Though their numbers may not seem large the impact they have on their campus and the neighborhood is of significant force. It has also been a personal goal of the chapter as a whole to not only promote diversity and acceptance amongst the student body, but also amongst other Greeks.

The chapter is commited not only to the campus but also to the surrounding community. Our national philonathropy currently supports the Keep A Breast Foundation. In past years we have supported other causes such as  ovarian cancer, Girls Inc., Autism, and many others. Visit our Gallery to see some of the events we have taken part in.

The Goals of Mu Sigma Upsilon

1. Academic Excellence
2. Unity Among All Women
3. To be Active in the University and the Community

Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Incorporated was founded on November 21, 1981 at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, as the first Multicultural Greek Letter Organization.

The Lineage of The Ionia Chapter of Mu Sigma Upsilon

The Founders:

A4- Nicole "Snap Crackle Pop" DeLuca
A5- Gianna "You Know" Morris
A6- Melissa "Muneca" Brewington

The Tantalizing Theia Line: Spring 2012

I1- Jennifer "Nove1a" Hernandez
I2- Amanda "Tsunami" Rodriguez
I3- Shana "Vogue" Martin
I4- Amber "Spotlight" McAlister

In Fall 2012, 5 more sisters were introduced.

The Hypnotizing Hemera Line:

I1- Erika "Iron Heart" Dominguez
I2- Adrienne "T Minus 2" Rodriguez
I4- Enecia "Heavyweight" Rivera
I5- Vanessa "Vendetta" Guevara
I6- Shanna "Skyscraper" Bridglal

In Fall 2013, 2 more sisters joined our ranks.

The Noble Nalani Line:

I3- Nelkisy "Iron HeartBullet Proof" Uribe
I4- Nazreen "Nirvana" Joemmanbaks